piadina romagnola recipe

Traditionally, piadina is made of flour, water, salt, and a small amount of lard (strutto in Italian). Currently, piadina is registered in the list of traditional Italian agri-food products (PAT) of the Emilia-Romagna region. Melt the lard in a small saucepan along with 1/3 cup water for 2-3 minutes, stirring over low heat. Through the centuries, from a simple bread alternative, piadina has become an iconic symbol of the Romagna region and a widely popular product. Piadina Romagnola. Piadina (pronounced pea-ah-DEE-nah) is a thin flatbread from the Romagna region of north-central Italy.. Piadina Romagnola Recipe: Piadina Romagnola, is by far one of the best Italian Street Foods! Piadina Romagnola has very ancient origins. La Piadina Romagnola The Spruce / Kyle Phillips Italy is blessed with an astonishing variety of breads: in Tuscany, the bread is unsalted, around Torino they make bread sticks a yard long, and in Romagna, along the Adriatic Coast, they make the piadina. This is the authentic piadina romagnola recipe. A simple dough quickly put together with flour, water and lard or EVOO, is then placed on a hot surface where it acquires the typical charred markings, and when filled with savory ingredients this flat bread is enjoyed by all This bread was originally considered poor man’s food because it was the quick bread that would carry a family over between batches of … The humble piadina is a round, rustic, tortilla-like flatbread that is much-loved all over Italy. ITALIA: +39 0932 1846653 / Via San Brancati 16 C.da Cannizzara, 97015 Modica (RG) USA: +1 919-249-5055 / 15 Hancock Ave. Newton, MA 02459 Add about a teaspoon of salt and remove from heat. Piadina Romagnola The region of Emilia-Romagna is draped across Northern Italy like the striped top of the country’s long sock. Piadina: Italian Flatbread. But my favorite is arugula, tomatoes, and stracchino cheese, sometimes with prosciutto crudo too. It comes from a poor and simple peasant tradition, but over the years, it has appeared on the tables of many gourmets and has achieved worldwide fame. Traditionally, a piadina sandwich can be stuffed with: ham and cheese, other cold meats (mortadella, salami, etc), mozzarella and tomatoes. Traditionally piadina, a primitive or country bread is made with or without a little leavening like baking soda or yeast. Although she doesn't give a recipe for it, Carol Field, in her fabulous cookbook The Italian Baker, calls it an ancestral flatbread and cites it as the predecessor of the focaccia and pizza we eat today. Its capital, Bologna, is famous in food circles as the home of tagliatelle alla ragú (made by heathens as ‘spaghetti Bolognese’), … The Piadina Romagnola has a long connection with the history of the people of Romagna.This old traditional “bread” recipe has become, with the passing of time, a traditional dish known among all strata of society: it soon went from being the bread of the poor to a mass produced snackfood loved by many. This recipe for piadina, flat bread comes from Romagna and is similar to the torta sul testo of Umbria. For a vegetarian recipe, the lard can be substituted with olive oil or margarine.

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