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, Thanks for the comment Samuel - I had a feeling you may have an opinion on this post :). Please keep your comments TAGFEE by following the community etiquette. The idea of Like A Version is pretty simple.


. There are so much helpful and valuable information in this post. Not to mention links from competitors.

  • Trust
  • Diversity
  • Relevance
However, after reading your explanation is makes perfect sense why being in the middle would be the most important place.

There are two types of diversity that I want to cover here: Both of these are important if we want to build good links and have a strong, robust link profile. Therefore, we need to acquire links to our website that are relevant to us—we can do this by trying to make the anchor text contain a keyword that we are targeting and is relevant to us. In this “seed list” you have no spam whatsoever because these are super high-quality websites with a high level of editorial control. In general, you probably don’t need to worry too much on a daily basis about this stuff, but it is certainly something you need to be aware of. Anchor text allowed Google to discover the possible topic of a page without even having to crawl it, and it became a strong signal to them. I've already added it to my arsenal of definitive content. In this personal, powerful talk, Mogahed asks us, in this polarizing time, to fight negative perceptions of her faith in the media -- … My guess is that co-citation analysis would be more productive than SERP prospecting but curious if you had any recommendations!

. In terms of prospecting for the perfect link, there are a few things that I've started doing that may help here. Yes you can take this awareness too far and obsess over every minor detail, but if you're generating links to a website, you have a duty to have at least a passing awareness of the impact those links may have - in either a positive or negative direction. Tempted to buy the book now too...

And brilliant sources you've linked - I'm going to be reading all morning -_-

I actually disagree with Samuel Scott on this, I don't think we're overthinking links at all. In this chapter, we will take a detailed look into what these factors could be and what this means to your work as a link builder. Good job, even the way you placed links in this post seems quite interesting, it looks like you are very experienced with the links. EDIT: After reading Sander's W3C link, I can see that I … They also released a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools so that we could better see when Google was having problems with JavaScript. Delectable vegetarian main dish recipes for every occasion - from quick and easy everyday dinners the entire family will enjoy to recipes to impress the most discerning diner. I really liked your article,

I think that at this time, most of the web developers, to say we should all be updated on this, knowing the parameters that must be our links to be well regarded by search engines, special and primarily google. Anyway, after a long time I am discussing on links, feels good.. Otherwise it would just be a free for all, and everyone would be trying to get as many links as they can with no regard for the quality of those links.

In terms of prospecting for the perfect link, there are a few things that I've started doing that may help here. Just wish I had a bit more time to actually finish the book - but well worth a read.

(Sorry for the serious comment, the news here is all I can think about at the moment!)

. I apologize if my comment seemed a bit terse. This helps Google see that you are a genuine website that doesn’t partake in any low-quality link building. Remember, the PageRank algorithm does not incorporate any knowledge about the quality of a site, nor does it explicitly penalize badness.

Getting links from websites in different niches shouldn't be a massive problem for you as long as your link profile also contains a good amount of links from the same niche too. -So this is my first ever quiz please enjoy ^_^oh and this is set in Skyloft just if your wondering :) so i added a Dark Link ending in for the people that like him :3 For SEOs, this is probably second in importance to the URL, particularly as Google puts so much weight on it as a ranking signal even today where, arguably, it isn’t as strong a signal as it used to be. The author's views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. We don't know for certain if Google has adopted that, but it seems to make sense that they would have.

Re co-occurence, again I agree and the distinction you've made there is a fair point.

One good rule of thumb here is to think whether the page is of value to a real user and whether someone may actually click through to your website from it.


. Seriously? I've already added it to my arsenal of definitive content.

Thanks for the comment Samuel - I had a feeling you may have an opinion on this post :)

This is a bit of a controversial one. I think just a simple link to your company homepage using the company name as the anchor text should be fine. The reality is that you can’t affect the age of a domain, so you shouldn’t really worry about it too much. Editorial is the strongest, as we're getting at research.

Good job, even the way you placed links in this post seems quite interesting, it looks like you are very experienced with the links. They do not want to encourage people to deliberately point bad links at their competitors in an effort to hurt their rankings.

Even if you're not focusing on links and just "doing good marketing" - isn't it wise to be aware if the website you're doing good marketing for has a link problem of some kind due to some of the signals above? And before thinking about making a brand, you must have to think about the quality service/product you sell, quality matters in this world and only cheap people goes for quantity. The information is comprehensive yet presented clearly and in simple terms. However, what I've tried to do here is explain a concept and the way that Trust Rank was originally visualised by Rand was a nice way to do this. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. I think it pays to be aware of how links can benefit your site and your pages individually, pays to know how you want to leverage them, what is likely to work well and what isn't, and then to apply that knowledge in every situation with link potential.

Great article.

On a site note:

If the pdf is downloaded I can't see how it would work. Taken from the TrustRank paper, written in 2004: Let us discuss the difference between PageRank and TrustRank first. One part of the Google algorithm is the number of links pointing at your website, but it would be foolish to make this a raw number and not take into account the quality of those links. Thanks and keep sharing :),

Hey Paddy,

1. Links/backlinks are so important and related to SEO. The point of a by-lined article -- or "guest post," as SEOs renamed that staple of PR -- is to communicate an idea to a target audience. How it will affect if the link is from a different niche? Get the most out of Moz Pro with a free 30-minute walkthrough. In terms of the quality of a link, if it has the nofollow attribute applied, it shouldn’t pass any PageRank. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, though, and has been the topic of hot debate in the SEO industry for many years, particularly in relation to PageRank sculpting, which is discussed in another chapter. A Link Summon is the act of Special Summoning a Link Monster from the Extra Deck. It's tampering, plain and simple. Full Code Example. Of course not. It's always nice to have a refresher on the topic!

Just wish I had a bit more time to actually finish the book - but well worth a read.


The links that (in most cases) worked best for us, were links from pages that covered the same topic as our linked URL. Before diving into the finer details of links and linking pages, I want to take a much broader look at what makes a good link. This naturally means that they are more likely to be linking to lower-quality websites.

Fantastic detail Paddy. How would you go about assessing a large array of domains in a "cookie cutter" manner? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :-) Maybe I am hurting myself by trying to follow a guideline that others ignore?


. If those don't suit you may have to create a custom advanced theme (see docs on this site for details). Pause on add our discord link to the main game screen like around the bottom right or somewhere for our streamers to showcase the discord too?.

People who do not"overthink" do not rank. Think links.

Re anchor text - I try to keep it as natural and branded as possible. This is actually pretty straightforward and there are a few methods: There was some hot debate around this topic toward the end of 2012, mainly fueled by this Whiteboard Friday on Moz, where Rand predicted that anchor text, as a signal, would become weaker. It also seems to make sense (and benefit those whom you are writing for) to feature the links you find most important to something you've written more prominently on your pages, regardless of how much PageRank Google might pass through them.

Some of these factors are mentioned in a patent filed by Google in 2004 and granted in 2010, which became known as the “reasonable surfer” model. This meant that if a link to your website was contained within a piece of JavaScript code, it was possible that the search engines would never see it, meaning your link would not be counted. Even the introduction of PageRank, combined with anchor text as a signal, didn’t deter link spammers. Definitely placing this on my must read list for 2017. (And then just worry about having an up to date disavow file :) ),

Very Technical Post, Personally i try to keep it simpler. Yes, when it gets down to it, it can really be that simple and just naturally be a product of good marketing. SEO has nothing to do with that and Google has been saying that all year. But if you work in an industry where PDFs are regularly created and distributed in some form (i.e. I think if you are doing marketing in proper way and not care about building links only, also just focusing on building a brand then you would have a bunch of good authority links for sure..Because, everyone respect brand like MOZ...and people will automatically make you famous.

Hi Igal,

Now, compare this to a link in your footer to your earnings disclosure page. Any insights?

The reasonable surfer approach does seem to indicate that there are certain features that could be associated with a link that could determine how much PageRank that link might pass along. This gives me the impression that many are doing this with no ill effect. Where you have services in online marketplaces selling 50,000 spammy links for for $5.

Hi Anders,

It was also intended to be a way of declaring paid links, such as advertising. Thanks and keep sharing :)

Thanks again for the great article and any insights.

Personally, if I look at a page of links and it looks like a link exchange page that doesn’t appeal to me as a user, it probably isn’t a high-quality page.

btw, from Jerusalem, situation really was horrific, now much better. Great read. Obviously you should take account of other factors too, such as whether the domain is a particularly strong one to get a link from, even if it is among hundreds of other links.


, Fantastic write-up regarding the landscape of links.

This is a very nice article on Link Building and quite helpful for beginners and professionals in SEO.

Great article and lots of good information. Things have definitely changed on this front but it's still a strong signal. The only way you could possibly use it is as a way to filter a huge set of possible link targets. Lastly, do you have any tips on prospecting for the perfect link? Physical/Mailing Address: The Main Link 17 Pine Street Towanda, PA … Using Mozrank we can build our links.

. Access thousands of high-quality, free K-12 articles, and create online assignments with them for your students. How to use link in a sentence. We will get into a lot more detail on identifying and removing link-based penalties in a later chapter, but for now we will stick within the context of this chapter. Think about the brand associations you're creating. The intention here is to help provide more context about the link, particularly for accessibility, as it provides people with more information if they need it. ... Use Open graph meta tags to edit your link preview. So, use a for things like font-family (if you want links to come up in a different font), then use link for the standard formatting, and visited, hover and active for 'special effects'. You can't blame them, really - what would you do if your livelihood was being threatened? Whilst none of the content or concepts are particularly hard to understand, I feel the length and breadth of this article would put off a newcomer to this topic area. People cross the Millennium Bridge in central London. This stems from the idea that if you are seen to be clustered and associated with a load of other low-quality websites, your website could be hurt and the trust lowered. I'm the Co-founder of Aira, a digital marketing agency in Milton Keynes and the author of The Link Building Book.

Just do good marketing and the links will take care of themselves.

. As mentioned above, many of these elements are part of the “reasonable surfer” model and may include things such as: There are more, and we’ll look at a few in more detail below. Google wasn't the first search engine to count web links as votes, yet it was the first online search engine to rely heavily on link analysis as a means to improve relevance. Having said all of that, there is some belief that Google could certainly use the text surrounding a link to infer some relevance, particularly in the case of anchor text being used that isn’t very descriptive (such as “click here”).

Of course not. So, sell quality stuff, make customer satisfied, they will recommend you someone and you will be a brand soon, then you don't need to care about links..

In fact, Google appeared to confirm that they do not use it at PubCon in 2005 according to this forum thread. Who We Are Formed in 1989, and with the rapid growth, the company has incorporated in 1994 as M-LINK SYSTEM (M) SDN BHD, with its headquarter in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and 7 branches located at strategic and important network points of Malaysia. And no matter how you're gaining or building these links, I think it's important to recognise and understand what makes a good or bad link.

. I don't think it's wise to be unaware of how Google and other search engines may treat links. If you hover over a link without clicking it, most modern browsers should display the link title, much in the same way they’d show the ALT text of an image. I'll reply when I have a chance... (Sorry for the serious comment, the news here is all I can think about at the moment!


I just want to say one thing about this link management, "A good link should have the potential to deliver relevant visitors" and appreciated content which is very helpful. Launch the Deco App, Log in with your TP-Link ID or tap Sign Up to set up a TP-Link ID. Just do good marketing and the links will take care of themselves. im looking to analyze 3k+ domains, and know I can run a DA/PA scan, PR check etc.. but any other reliable spam metrics are hard to get by. This means building them in simple HTML, if at all possible. Why are we even thinking of links still? Looking for online definition of LiNK or what LiNK stands for? Are people going to click on it? please , everyone to check the backlinks , the authority , the divercity , the trust of backlinks and to tell me , why this site are # 2 on google dot com . Many experienced link builders will be able to look at a page and know right away if the outgoing links are to low-quality websites.


Our Mission.

Thanks for a great post Paddy. I would like to be a voice here for the internet in general, which can be a messy, irregular place. They simply didn’t have the resources or technology to crawl through these relatively advanced pieces of code. Not thinking directly about links at all is the only way to ensure that one's "linkbuilding" is indeed 100% natural. An all-in-one SEO toolset to boost your search engine rankings. Watch Queue Queue. of JEE (Main) will also be an eligibility test for the JEE (Advanced), which the candidate has to take if he/she is aspiring for admission to the undergraduate programs offered by the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). Continue reading the main story.

I am currently reading the book and its amazing, got some great insights.

It is also possible to get links directly from images. You should also know how to check if a search engine can find your link. As you say, it does seem to make sense for them to use this particular one and I'd be very surprised if they didn't.

Naming a product? you think that "Restaurants near me" is a keyword? edited 2015-10-15T09:31:19-07:00, SamuelScott Re co-occurence, again I agree and the distinction you've made there is a fair point. You need to be able to identify links from pages which may be low quality in the eyes of Google.


. So if your anchor text was "web design services" instead of the company name, and this was sitewide, I could see how Google will not like this and may penalise you. While searching the net for a definitive answer on this I have found numerous sources including Google that says these should always be of the no follow variety. The release of the disavow tool was pretty much an acknowledgement that bad links could hurt you; therefore, you had a tool available to help you deal with this. There are many links of low-quality places, so this is a good starting point to take advantage of them. stop being bad. This will help create links over time. There is the concept of being within a "bad neighborhood" when it comes to your link profile. Guest content (on your site or others)? The Google version depends upon annotations in context files from custom search engine creators, that supposedly show an expert ranking of pages being included in a custom search engine. I won't go into too much detail here so that I don't distract from the goal of this chapter, but the key takeaway is that building links with overly-commercial, keyword-focused anchor text is a lot riskier than it used to be.

I think it's very important to know use links for Google and other search tools are seen.

. The main way a page can be blocked is by using a robots.txt file, so you should get into the habit of checking that pages are crawlable by the search engines.

Thanks for the insight!

. SEO has nothing to do with that and Google has been saying that all year. Also note how there is no anchor text, such as we’d usually find with a text link.

, I think that at this time, most of the web developers, to say we should all be updated on this, knowing the parameters that must be our links to be well regarded by search engines, special and primarily google. If you’re not very familiar with it, take a look at this page for some examples and explanations.

hii Paddy

I personally have started to see it a lot more here in Australia. Personally, I am using no follow footer links but I have been curious what the best SEO practice is concerning this issue.

Couldn't agree more, Samuel. Black hats use it like crazy and one could argue that if used correctly, it's actually a white hat technique. They can sometimes execute it and find what happens next, such as links and content being loaded. If a webpage attracts links from other pages Google's algorithm, The software it utilizes to rank pages and make a decision which page is top for a search results page, enhances the value of a page.

Using data from MozRank and MozTrust we can prepare some ways of building our links profile.

. It's worth digging through the phrase-based indexing patents to see what they say about the use of such related phrases and the value they may have as anchor text.

My observations were made on the same niches & KW, same backlinks and overall structure and guidelines. you think that "Restaurants near me" is a keyword? this meme is dragged out specifically to be as annoying as a Young Link main. If you're not, then the work you're doing may not be as effective as it could be.

In summary, yes don't obsess over these things but at least have an awareness of them. The word "relevant" here is not referring to the page that the link is on, but rather it is referring to the link itself. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. Links were the initial off-page ranking factor made use of by search engines. The information is comprehensive yet presented clearly and in simple terms. Planning) Google is going to the way of research-based links. Many SEOs reported that a high proportion of unnatural anchor text in a link profile led to a penalty from Google after Penguin was launched. You weren't saying to ONLY pursue perfect links (I know). What kind of rankings did you get to your projects with this attitude, adding in you have RCS marketing budgets?

Ultimate, Wii U / 3DS, Brawl, Melee, 64, Project M. and Smash Flash 2 as well …

Hello Paddy,

By the way, saw your mozcon video of '35 linkbuilding tactics', loved it!

Or an oppressed, brainwashed, potential terrorist? So it's more a mental model that people can use rather than a real one that we know 100% is used.

The names argc and argv are arbitrary, as well as the representation of the types of the parameters: int main (int ac, char ** av) is equally valid.. A very common implementation-defined form of main() has a third argument (in addition to argc and argv), of type char*[], pointing at an array of pointers to the execution environment variables. Would the person in charge of your brand twitter account tweet this piece of coverage proudly? Naturally the pdf has to be open in the web browser for that to work. However, the search engines and the technology they use has developed quite a bit and they are now more capable of understanding things like JavaScript.

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